Fic- “Damaged Bits” Stargate Atlantis, Done, NC-17 (1 of 2)

Fic- “Damaged Bits” Stargate Atlantis, Done, NC-17 (1 of 2)

It was an interesting relationship that John had never ever expected

Title: Broken Bits Writer: CJ aka WritinginCTFandom: Stargate Atlantis Combining: John Sheppard/Jeanie Miller Rating: NC-17Warnings: Reputation deathCategories: Hurt/Morale, Angst, Relationship, Relationship, FamilyDisclaimer: I don’t own the newest recognizable emails I’m only determined of the all of them.Summary: When Jeanie’s visualize perfect relationships ends in disaster a friendship transforms on a different sort of variety of joyfully every just after.Status: Over cuatro/5/09 fifteen,665 terminology

Things can take place throughout the area from a heartbeat. A battered and you may weary door party normally action from the knowledge views and stay right back securely inside the Atlantis, and you may a galaxy aside an English teacher might be robbed and you can stabbed in order to demise facing an effective bank’s Automatic teller machine around three prevents off their own domestic.

John was thankful that the Odyssey was in Planet’s orbit when the guy and you can Rodney arrived regarding Atlantis. His cracked ribs was in fact likely firmly, a keepsake using their history objective, and an airplane experience doing Vancouver would-have-been unhappy. Rodney is strangely silent together with already been since Elizabeth had busted the headlines you to their aunt-in-law, Kaleb Miller, got killed during good mugging moved wrong.

There have been people at the family when John and you can Rodney showed up and you will a tiny throng out-of reporters lurking on the outside.

John got never ever thought therefore useless in the lifestyle when he strung back into the doorway and you may noticed Rodney package Jeanie in the an embrace. Their particular physical appearance offered your stop. When he had came across their particular a few months ago throughout the their particular stop by at Atlantis she got lively with a warm laugh and you may an instant make fun of. Now she looked numb and her body had a greyish pallor. Their paleness was after that emphasized from the their particular vision and you may nostrils, each other red out-of weeping.

Rodney understood one she and you can Sheppard had hit it off whenever she decided to go to Atlantis

Rodney is actually holding Jeanie intimate and whispering something to possess their ear alone. Finally it taken as well as Jeanie wiped their unique attention and you will blew her nostrils on one out-of just what was one hundred architecture hanging out of purse out of her sweater. She ultimately joined one to John are hanging as well as she only hesitated the second in advance of stepping more than and covering her palms to your.

John involuntarily let-out an effective grunt once the she pushed his sore ribs and you can Jeanie appeared up at him with a wanting to know lookup.

When you look at the an excellent hoarsely whispered plea she implored, “Please don’t say they. I think if a person alot more people states it I’m planning initiate screaming rather than avoid.”

Rodney as well as the anybody else grinding around the house noticed Jeanie having John with an iota out of interest. However, the guy as well as know that Sheppard is actually fully conscious Jeanie wasn’t simply Rodney’s sibling and this not allowed according to the newest unwritten man password, however, you to definitely she has also been joyfully hitched which have a good child. And though Rodney you will tease Sheppard regarding the being the Kirk off the latest Pegasus universe, the guy understood you to deep-down Sheppard are an honorable people and cannot take action for the a woman the guy realized are partnered. It simply wasn’t who he was. However, Rodney was curious more than the behavior.

Just what Rodney failed to learn would be the fact John and you may Jeanie came into existence nearest and dearest in their own personal best. It was something that already been the night time before she leftover Atlantis whenever John got found their particular brand new videos Rodney got registered. Next month, when Atlantis had its planned Environment control-in, John was actually astonished to receive an email out of Jeanie thanking your getting helping their particular to reconnect with Rodney. She got runs out exactly how delighted their unique child had been observe their household and exactly how much she had liked their unique remain on Atlantis and you may appointment visitors. She ended their unique email informing him to keep as well as to remain Meredith out of trouble. John had simply hesitated a moment prior to sending an initial react and you may concluded it by jokingly asking in the event the she got a good buy teens reports so you can taunt Rodney that have. The following control-inside lead a good four webpage reply. The guy located themselves laughing aloud as he read her react and he surprised also themselves by the responding their questions about his individual youngsters and you can low-categorized things he had carried out in the atmosphere Force. Its emails was in fact full of daily life sort of things and you may Jeanie constantly signed regarding because of the advising your to remain as well as remain Meredith from issues. John had never really had a pen pal just before in which he discover themselves surprisingly waiting for each dial-inside the.

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