using Eye Contact Techniques for Flirting

Flirting with eye contact can be challenging because it is simple to do it incorrectly and make the other person miserable. There are a few tricks you can employ to kiss with eye contact and make sure it’s seen as a positive indication of involvement, thankfully.

0- Level

The first step in making eye contact is to occasionally give the person you’re interested in a casual look. It’s a way to make sure you’re paying attention to them, but not too much, similar to how some persons occasionally look at each other without saying a term in discussion.

Level 1

You should try to find the individual you’re interested in by surprise when you flirt with them on this amount. To accomplish this, you can either look at them directly from your own vision or wait while they are staring at you before turning your head to them. Next, try to keep your gaze a little longer.

Amount 2

When you’ve reached the second stage of attention flirting, you really commence moving your focus between the various areas of the other person’s experience gradually. The zigzag eye technique is known as the serpentine stare, and it can be a great way to demonstrate your interest in the man you’re speaking to. You can look at someone else’s eyes, move your gaze to the correct of their mouth, and then to the left, creating a zig-zag pattern as a result.

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